NordForsk introduces new application forms

NordForsk introduces new application forms. From now on all information will be enclosed into the application document. The application forms are changed according to this.
NordForsk has designed new application forms for the application for mobility scholarships, course scholarships and planning activities, with application deadline February 1, 2005. The new forms can be found under the grant categories in the menu. The forms allow more information to be incorporated into the application document, and limit the number of appendices that can be submitted with the application. Only in the applications for mobility and course scholarships, e-mail letters from supervisors can be added as appendices to the application form. New forms for the May 2 and June 1 deadlines will be published within the next few weeks. Please read the instructions in the application forms and in NordForsk’s instructions för applicants.

NordForsk’s instructions för applicants
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