NordForsk invests NOK 140 million in research on inequalities in the distribution of health and welfare

The NordForsk Board has awarded a total of NOK 140 million to five research projects under the call for Nordic research projects on the inequitable distribution of health and welfare. There were 86 grant applications submitted in response to the first call for proposals under the Nordic Programme on Health and Welfare. Many of the applications were of very high quality.

The overall goal of the Nordic Programme on Health and Welfare is to improve health in the Nordic countries by conducting high-quality research to find solutions to societal and public health challenges. 

Projects could seek a maximum of NOK 30 million in funding, and were to employ a multidisciplinary approach to reveal new insights into the underlying causes of inequitable distribution of health and welfare in the Nordic countries, and how to reduce inequities in the future.  

Director of NordForsk, Gunnel Gustafsson, is very pleased with the outcome of the call.

“NordForsk has high expectations for the selected projects and we hope that they lead to a deeper understanding of the mechanisms behind the inequalities in the distribution of health and welfare as well as to solutions for how to rectify the situation,” Gustafsson states.

“The grant applications were assessed by an international referee panel, and the members were impressed with the exceptionally high level of quality of the project proposals. The funding has been awarded to studies in areas that will be of great interest to Nordic residents and we are looking forward to following the progress of these projects closely," the director concludes.


The five projects are:

  • Coming of Age in Exile (CAGE) - Health and Socio-Economic Inequities in Young Refugees in the Nordic Welfare Societies, Project leader: Allan Krasnik, Denmark.
  • Working hours, health, well-being and participation in working life, Project leader: Mikko Härmä, Finland.
  • Understanding the Link between Air Pollution and Distribution of Related Health Impacts and Welfare in the Nordic Countries, Project leader: Jørgen Brandt, Denmark.
  • Psychosocial work environment and healthy ageing, Project leader: Mika Kivimäki, Finland.
  • Social Inequalities in Ageing (SIA); Health, Care and Institutional Reforms in the Nordic Welfare Model, Project leader: Johan Fritzell, Sweden.

Disclaimer: This information may include errors and omissions. Only decisions communicated directly to the applicants through e-mail should be considered formal confirmations of allocation of funding. All applicants will receive a letter of decision by e-mail before the end of March. 

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Text: Tor Martin Nilsen

Photo: Christiaan Dirksen/