NordForsk Launches Hearing on Private Public Partnership PhD Programme

NordForsk is planning a Nordic Private Public Partnership (PPP) PhD mobility programme. Potential industry partners and academic communities in the region are invited to engage in a preliminary hearing on the concept.
 NordForsk Launches Hearing on Private Public Partnership PhD Programme
It is the ambition of NordForsk to identify and develop activities where Nordic research collaboration creates large added value. NordForsk wishes to do so in close collaboration with important national actors, and to this effect a hearing is launched on a new Nordic PhD programme promoting academia–industry collaboration. NordForsk plans to launch the programme in 2008.

A number of businesses and academic institutions in the Nordic region have recently received NordForsk’s programme proposal for a Nordic PPP programme (see hyperlink below). Additional interested partners (academic or industrial) are encouraged to download the proposal and contribute to the ongoing mapping of interest for the new programme.

Please download the programme proposal.

If you feel that your business or organisation could be a potential partner in this programme, kindly consider the following three questions on behalf of your organisation:
  1. Would this kind of programme be of interest to your organisation?
  2. If yes, do you see any specific thematic areas that would be especially suitable for this activity?
  3. Can you indicate any specific partners (industrial for academia, academic for industry) with whom you would prefer to collaborate within this activity?

Please feel welcome to put forward any other comments you might have regarding this initiative and to forward this information to other parties that could be interested in the programme.

NordForsk looks forward to receiving your input by 14 March 2008.

Please send your contribution to:

Maria Nilsson
Stensberggata 25
NO–1070 OSLO

or by e-mail:
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