NordForsk Launches Policy Briefs

NordForsk has launched a new series of Policy Briefs. Two studies can now be ordered from NordForsk‘s website .
 NordForsk Launches Policy Briefs
NordForsk’s three main tasks are coordinating Nordic research priorities, funding research cooperation and providing policy advice. Within its policy advice role NordForsk aims to encourage debate on relevant Nordic research policy issues, by regularly producing reports and studies organising seminars and workshops on a variety of topical issues.

Our ambition is to make a significant contribution to strategic intelligence in the Nordic research field, and to this effect we launch a series of policy briefs in 2007.

NordForsk Policy Briefs 2007:

Development in Research : An Outline of the Science Systems in Russia and the Baltic States
Aadne Aasland

This NordForsk Policy Brief presents an overview of the Soviet science system common to all four countries at the outset of reform, followed by separate chapters on Russia and the Baltic States.

Stem Cell Research in the Nordic Countries : Science, Ethics, Public Debate and Law
For NordForsk by the Nordic Committee on Bioethics

This report gives an introduction to stem cell research in general and in the Nordic countries in particular, looking into commercialisation, ethics, legislation, debate and communication of stem cell research.

Nordic Urban Research : Strengths and Challenges under the Heading of a New Global Agenda
For NordForsk by Nordregio and NIBR

This study presents an overview of themes and sub-themes relevant for Nordic research
cooperation in the field of urban research, where considerable added value can be
expected. It investigates future challenges for Nordic urban areas seen from a Nordic and a global perspective and identify knowledge gaps.

The study will be available and can be ordered from NordForsk’s website in December 2007

The Nordic Region as a Global Health Experimentarium
For NordForsk by Mandag Morgen

Norden has a strong position both in health research, innovation and societal use. The Nordic region also has extraordinarily rich databases on its populations and a regional strength in the ICT field. This NordForsk Policy Brief aims to review the potential for exploiting the Nordic regions inherent strengths in order to establish an experimentarium that can create global best practice in the health field and secure a world class health sector. The focus will be on exploring the potential of preventive health practices and the research and innovation needs stemming from such an approach.

The study will be available an can be ordered from NordForsk’s website late 2007.