"NordForsk Magasin" 2008-1

NordForsk has recently published a new issue of the magazine NordForsk Magasin (2008-1). The publication is free and can be ordered from NordForsk’s website: Order publications .
 "NordForsk Magasin" 2008-1
The main theme of NordForsk Magasin 2008-1 is NORIA – the Nordic Research and Innovation Area. The subject is presented through an introductory article on the challenges and opportunities facing NORIA, and an in-depth interview with the “founding father” and author of the Whitebook on NORIA from 2004, Gustav Björkstrand.

Read also:
  • Recent results from Nordic research on the health effects of sea food intake during pregnancy
  • NCoE Global Change: The effects of climate change on migratory birds, and their ecological implications
  • Recent results from Nordic research on the connection between growth rate in uterus and early life and the development of cardiovascular disease later in life
  • Commentary article by the chair of the Swedish Research Council, Björn von Sydow
  • … and more

NordForsk Magasin presents in-depth stories from Nordic research projects and events, chronicles by leading Nordic and international researchers, commentary articles by representatives from the Nordic research policy arena, interviews with key figures within Nordic research and research policy and presentations of new Nordic research programmes.

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