"NordForsk Magasin" (2008-2)

The new issue of NordForsk Magasin (2008-2) has research infrastructure as its main theme. The publication is free and can be ordered from NordForsk’s website: Order publications
 "NordForsk Magasin" (2008-2)
The magazine features an in-depth article on the recent developments in Nordic research infrastructure policy, and also presents two infrastructure projects funded through the NordForsk initiative Joint Nordic Use of Research Infrastructure.You can also read about:

• The Director General of the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, Inge Mærkedahl’s view on NordForsk’s role in furthering Nordic research cooperation
• The Nordic eScience initiative: An action plan for a concerted Nordic eScience approach
• A Nordic excellence in research programme
• Commentary article by Riitta Mustonen, Vice President (Research) of the Academy of Finland, about the development of Finnish research infrastructure policy and the opportunities for Nordic cooperation
• … and more

NordForsk Magasin presents in-depth stories from Nordic research projects and events, chronicles by leading Nordic and international researchers, commentary articles by representatives from the Nordic research policy arena, interviews with key figures within Nordic research and research policy and presentations of new Nordic research programmes.


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