NordForsk Magasin 2010: 5-year jubilee issue

2010 marks five years since NordForsk was founded. Here is the 5-year jubilee issue of NordForsk Magasin where you can read more about this:
 NordForsk Magasin 2010: 5-year jubilee issue
- Halldór Ásgrímsson sends his greetings on the 5-year jubilee
- Per Unckel: - The Nordic countries are each too small to be able to make a big impact internationally. But together we form a large European nation.
- Jerzy Langer: The Nordic Approach
- Interview with Nils Christian Stenseth, who heads a Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE) that focuses on the effects of climate change on cod.
- Anneli Pauli and Gard Titlestad: We must move forwards now
- Ole Petter Ottersen: Nordic division of labour
- Anne Tjønneland: We are more informal in the Nordic region
- Jon Ove Hagen: How does a Nordic research centre work?

You can download the magazine from our website, or order a printed version here