NordForsk researcher receives prestigious award

Professor Markku Kulmala, head of one of the four centres of excellence that constitute the NordForsk Nordic Centre of Excellence on Global Change, has been awarded the prestigious Vilhelm Bjerknes medal for distinguished research in atmospheric sciences.
Established by the European Geosciences Union’s Division on Atmospheric Sciences, the Vilhelm Bjerknes medal is named after one of the worlds leading atmospheric scientists.

Markku Kulmala, Professor and Head of the Division for Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Helsinki, is presented with the medal due to his world leading work in aerosol science and his development of “terrestrial ecosystem meteorology”, an interdisciplinary field of research within meteorology and biology which addresses atmosphere-ecosystem interactions. The European Geosciences Union estimates that “Markku Kulmala has considerably advanced our knowledge of biosphere – aerosol – cloud – and climate interactions.”

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