NordForsk-fellow among the best science communicators

- You are the best communicators in Norway. I wish all scientists were like you, said the expert judge Nina Kristensen when she summed up the efforts of the PhD students who rearched the finals of the Researcher Grand Prix October 2nd. Among the four finalists were Kristin Barkve Andersen, who receives funding within NordForsk's Private Public Partnership (PPP) PhD programme.
NordForsk-fellow among the best science communicators

Kristin Barkve Andersen. Photo: Morten Berentsen

Kristin Barkve Andersen, forsker grand prix 2011The Research Council of Norway hosted the finals of the Researcher Grand Prix in Bergen 2 October. 10 PhD students competed on how to best present their projects. Among these were Kristin Barkve Andersen of Applied Plasma Physics AS and Aarhus University.

Intensive pig farming is a major cause of odour nuisance in the local environment and is also associated with a high load of nitrogen to the atmosphere. Barkve Andersen's project aims to develop and optimise an air cleaner based on application of high voltage to a contaminated air stream.

Her project is funded through NordForsk's Public Private Partnership (PPP) PhD, which is designed to enhance knowledge exchange between industry and academia. NordForsk covers up to 50% of the PhD student’s salary, while the rest is covered by the enterprise. Kristin divides her time between the university and the enterprise.

The winner of Research Grand Prix was Audun Hetland from the University of Tromsø, with his presentation of "Near-life experiences - emotions on the edge of the cliff" - wearing base jumping gear.

Read more about Kristin Barkve Andersen's project on the NordForsk website and in NordForsk Magasin 2010.

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Main photo: Morten Berentsen
Photo from the finals: Helge Hansen