NordForsk supports researcher training within sustainable freight and logistics

There is broad political consensus among the Nordic countries on the importance of developing a more environment-friendly transport sector. Parliamentarians from the various countries are calling for a more holistic Nordic approach and an increase in research in the field. NordForsk has now allocated NOK 800 000 in funding to support researcher education activities in sustainable freight and logistics.
NordForsk supports researcher training within sustainable freight and logistics

Photo: Sigurður Ólafsson/

A wide array of projects within Nordic research circles are currently contributing new knowledge in this research area, each with a specific focus on Nordic challenges relating to sustainable freight and logistics. In addition, ten Nordic universities offer a variety of study programmes on sustainable freight and logistics.

The project is part of the effort to coordinate and consolidate the various activities being conducted at the universities and within the various Nordic research projects, thereby generating Nordic added value. The objective is to bring these groups together to promote a dynamic, competitive Nordic research and educational community in the area of sustainable freight and logistics. At the same time, the project is designed to enhance cooperation between academia and trade and industry as a step in ensuring that the knowledge produced is of relevance to the sector.

The initiative is being carried out as a joint effort under the research projects Management, design and evaluation of sustainable freight and logistics systems and LogiNord: Sustainable logistics in Nordic fresh food supply chains under NordForsk’s thematic programme Sustainable Freight and Logistics in a Nordic Context.

The project will be launched in January 2013.