NordForsk to support Nordic research with 100 million NOK

Apply for funding now: NordForsk will hand out more than 100 million NOK (more than 12 million Euro) in Nordic research grants over the next three years. All academic fields are eligible for funding of activities such as networks, researcher training courses and seed money. Next application deadline is 2 April.
The open calls concern funding for:
• researcher networks
• networks of national centres of excellence
• networks of national research schools
• research training courses
Application deadline is 2nd April 2007.

• seed money
Next application deadline is 17 September 2007.

"I cannot think of a better instrument than Nordic research training courses. The target group for these courses is often too small in the individual countries, and the possibility of finding good teachers is much better if several countries cooperate. Thirdly, the courses help the students build networks at a favourable time," says Anders Ekbom, professor of epidemiology at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. For several years he has been a lecturer at a NordForsk-financed summer school in infection epidemiology.

"Small research environments, however strong they might be individually, need to cooperate and learn from each other as we do in our NordForsk network. The Nordic dimension allows us to cover a large research field, still keeping the group small enough to provide an informal and fruitful atmosphere," says Susanne Viefers, associate professor of theoretical physics at the University of Oslo.

The objective of the NordForsk grants is to strengthen the mutual exchange of ideas and competencies, mobility, and the Nordic region as a common area for research and training. Collaboration of this kind is essential to maintain and further develop the Nordic countries’ position as one of the most dynamic regions in the world for research and innovation. Many NordForsk activities are open to all countries in the Nordic region, which in addition to the Nordic countries includes the adjacent areas Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and North-Western Russia.

NordForsk is an independent institution operating under the Nordic Council of Ministers and dedicated to Nordic cooperation within research and research training.

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