Nordic Climate Change Research - new policy brief from NordForsk

NordForsk‘s new policy brief puts renewed focus on the value of transnational efforts in combating the climate challenge. "Nordic Climate Change Research” is a valuable addition to the current debate on climate change, which culminates this week at the ongoing United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen.
 Nordic Climate Change Research - new policy brief from NordForsk
The report gives an overview of the priorities and strengths of the Nordic countries’ climate change research, presenting the most prominent research communities and their participation on the international research arena.

It was commissioned from NordForsk by the Nordic Council of Ministers for Education and Research (MR-U), and written by the analysis institute Monday Morning. The report is a part of the action plan of the Nordic Council of Ministers in relation to the ongoing United Nations Climate Change Conference.

“Nordic Climate Change Research” details the focus and strengths of Nordic climate change research, encompassing both collaborative Nordic research efforts and activities carried out in each of the Nordic countries. Nordic climate change research is described on the basis of categories used by the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC):

- Climate change – How is the climate changing?
- Climate change drivers – Why is the climate changing?
- Impacts and vulnerabilities – What are the consequences of climate change?
- Adaptation and mitigation – What are appropriate responses to climate change?

Based on these categories, the report describes areas of strengths, research projects and results of Nordic climate change research. It gives a picture of the involvement of Nordic climate change researchers in European and other international projects, concluding with an outline of some of the current trends that might influence climate change research in the years to come.

The policy brief is available now at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15), and is distributed to a wide range of recipients.

You can download or order the report here.

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