Nordic Climate Cluster

16 Norwegian and Swedish companies have established The Nordic Climate Cluster (NoCC), which was launched on 7 April 2008. Denmark and Finland are expected to join the cluster at a later date. The NoCC partners aim to create global centres of excellence in environmentally friendly energy and improved environmental technologies through industrial and scientific collaboration.
 Nordic Climate Cluster

The total funding the cluster will raise has not yet been decided, but it is likely to be significant.

“The collaboration will have a Nordic perspective, cover the whole chain from education and research to commercialising activities and include the leading players in the relevant branches in the Nordic countries”, the NoCC said om 7 April. “Together the businesses will in time create a joint Nordic effort and a world-leading cluster for environmental and renewable energy.”

As well as providing advice and counselling on research, commercialisation, choice of partners, finance and other aspects, the NoCC will contribute to strengthening the region’s skills base in the areas of energy and environment R&D.

“Universities and research institutes not already involved in industrial networks can be coupled into networks at a later date”, says Øivind Solvang from NoCC. The Nordic Climate Cluster is headed by Marcus Wallenberg.

(Michael de Laine/ Research Europe)

Visit The Nordic Climate Cluster’s website (Norwegian only)