Nordic co-operation again highlighted as unique

Nordic co-operation again highlighted as unique

“The Nordic countries have once again demonstrated that the impossible is possible,” states Alicia Fjällhed in her thesis on the Strategy for International Branding of the Nordic Region.

To date, by studying practical cases and theoretical methods, research had concluded that the common branding of regions consisting of several countries was seemingly impossible. National interests derailed such attempts, making it too difficult to set common goals and convey a clear common message.

“That’s why I was incredibly intrigued when I heard about the success of Nordic branding,” says Alicia who has now completed her bachelor’s degree in communications.

Fjällhed's study examines the relatively unexplored field of regional branding that stretches over several entire sovereign states, further referred to as transnational branding. The purpose of this study is to contribute to the knowledge about transnational branding in particular and place branding in general through a case study, including interviews and document analysis, of a transnational brand – the Nordic region.

Nordic branding does draw on regional similarities, and core values have been agreed, which can create a single international voice. Yet Nordic branding draws on national differences as well, which are described as factors for success. It is these very differences that can, for example, initiate the exchange of experiences in the hope of finding new and better joint solutions. It is here that new and further multicultural development is seen as an opportunity.

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