Nordic Diet and Health Conference

A nutrition conference in Copenhagen, 1-4 June 2008, will debate whether to revise the Nordic nutrient recommendations. Leading Nordic researchers have been invited to present the results of the latest research. Among the participants are Anne Tjønneland (NCoE HELGA) and Matti Uusitupa (NCoE SysDiet), who coordinates two research centres under NordForsk’s Nordic Centre of Excellence programme on Food, Nutrition & Health (2007-11).
 Nordic Diet and Health Conference
The conference will look at the relationships between food, diet and health and at subjects such as child nutrition, excess weight, obesity and exercise.

Nutrition for the elderly, micro-nutrients, enriched food, nutrition from a public health perspective and the nutrient recommendations will all be on the agenda. Some 4-500 Nordic delegates are expected to attend.

When talking about nutrition, it is impossible to avoid the current obesity epidemic, and several contributions will refer to the problem and to possible solutions. If habit is ‘half of life‘ then habit makes a major impact on the health of the individual. Those habits are inculcated early on, so we really need to focus on infant nutrition and food for pregnant women.

Exercise is also important for the energy balance and to weight gain and obesity. This aspect of the health debate will also be discussed in relation to regulating the appetite and sleep. The main sponsor for this year‘s conference is the Nordic Council of Ministers‘ working group on Diet, Food and Toxicology.

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