Nordic institutions on Climate Change

The international scientific congress Climate Change - Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions took place in Copenhagen 10-12 March 2009. Nordic Energy Research, Nordic InnovationsCenter and NordForsk participated with an internet café, promoting Nordic activities within climate change.
 Nordic institutions on Climate Change
The University of Copenhagen was the host of the event, which aimed to identify advances within science, technology and policy in order to ensure the sustainability of global communities in the current and coming decades.

In cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers, the three Nordic institutions contributed to the congress with an internet café designed to attract interest toward Nordic initiatives in the field, such as the Top-level Research Initiative, Nordic Climate Solutions - Northern Europe’s largest meeting place for stakeholders within transport and energy, and Nordic Energy Solutions – an initiative to promote the renewable energy competencies of the Nordic countries. Providing a useful area to many congress participants, the internet café proved to be a successful way to promote Nordic initiatives to the highly international audience.

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Text: Lisa H. Ekli