Nordic Languages Under Threat

The status of the Nordic languages at university level is under threat. Lack of funding is forcing many universities to cut courses and the Nordic languages often find themselves in the danger zone.
 Nordic Languages Under Threat
"Positions in Nordic languages are at risk of disappearing from universities in the Region. The governments need to heed the threat. More funding is needed," linguist Kristinn Jóhannesson of the University of Gothenburg pointed out.

Speaking at a language seminar in Gothenburg on Wednesday, Jóhannesson also looked at several other dangers faced by the Nordic languages, mainly due to the prevalence of English. For example, university teaching is to an increasing extent in English, which is also more and more dominant in business.

"We must remember that the Nordic languages were originally one and the same. We need to look after our own garden, not let it fall into decay," she reminded the audience.

Jóhannesson thinks the teaching of neighbouring languages in schools should be promoted . She also called upon Nordic citizens to use the Nordic languages when in contact with people from other Nordic countries.
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