Nordic Light – on management in the Nordic region

Is there a particular Nordic style of management? Do certain geographic, demographic and cultural conditions determine the way we practice and accept leadership in the Nordic region? In what way does our international position influence Nordic management? A joint Nordic research project, supported by the employers’ organisations of the Nordic countries, intends to find out.
Management in the Nordic region, or Nordic management
It is a widely held view that the typical Nordic style of management implies strong use/involvement of the employees’ qualifications, short distance to the decision makers on top and consensus-based decision-making processes. Nordic employees are commonly seen as responsible, committed, competent and innovative. Despite this generally accepted view of Nordic management, it is hard to identify the specific content and practices of this leadership style, and to translate it into executive management. Moreover, Nordic leaders are easily seduced by management theories that are based on cultures and traditions that differ considerably from our own.

Good management, Nordic management – and good Nordic management
What constitutes good management varies according to place and culture, and depends on a number of circumstances. Nordic Light – the newly established research project of the Nordic employers’ organisations, acknowledges that there are certain conditions and challenges in the Nordic region that might have influenced our style of management. Both researchers and practitioners are contributing to identify the true common characteristics of Nordic management. A preliminary project is carried out to begin with, the results of which will be presented at a conference in Iceland in June 2007.

Kommunal Rapport : Nordisk ledelse – nordisk lys.