Nordic-Lithuanian conference - research collaboration on equal footing

- Research collaboration between the Nordic and Baltic countries have long traditions, stated Susanna Sepponen, Senior adviser at NordForsk, at the conference “Lithuanian-Nordic Cooperation: Life-long Learning Experience" in Vilnius yesterday, February 23rd.
 Nordic-Lithuanian conference -  research collaboration on equal footing
The conference marks the 20-year anniversary of the Nordic-Baltic cooperation.

- The Baltic countries‘ participation in Nordic research and education projects contributes to the internationalisation of Lithuania, said Lithuania‘s Minister of Education Gintaras Steponavičius in his speech. – It also encourages the development of a joint research and educational community around the Baltic Sea.

Long traditions and new directions
- Baltic researchers have always been able to participate in all NordForsk activities, says Susanna Sepponen. - Today the Nordic-Baltic research cooperation builds on common priorities, co-financing and involvement on equal footing.

The Nordic-Baltic research programmes ”Living Labs” og ”Citizens’ Services” are the first examples of such co-financed programmes, initiated by the national research financiers. These are results of the NordForsk coordination activity NORIA-net.

- Researchers are a very internationally oriented group, making cross-border cooperation in the Baltic Sea region easier, says Sepponen in a video interview.

The Nordic Top-level Research Initiative (TRI) also attracted some interest at the conference, also from the Minister Steponavičius. - One of the major objectives of the Top-level Research Initiative is to serve as an international platform for cooperation, said Sepponen. – There is a notable interest for the initiative across Europe, and there is an ongoing dialogue with the major European joint programming initiatives within the field. Thus there is room for both interesting discussions and opportunities.

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Reference: ”Litauisk utbildning skakar av sig den sovjetiska ideologin med hjälp av nordiskt samarbete”, (Scandinavian languages)

Text: Lisa H. Ekli
Video: Nordisk ministerråd