Nordic Marine Academy opened

The New Nordic Research School, Nordic Marine Academy was opened February 28. At the marine environment school in Copenhagen, children could watch three Nordic ministers gut fish.
"It is a pleasure to see that the Nordic countries now, more than ever, are going for further training of marine researchers. By joining forces, and by gathering teachers and students in the Nordic countries, we will be stronger and be able to show that the Nordic countries have excellence when it comes to sustainable exploitation of the marine rescources" the Norwegian Minister of fishery Svein Ludvigsen said. Ludvigsen is also responsible for Nordic cooperation in the Norwegian government. The Icelandic Minister of trade Valgerdur Sverrisdottir and the Minister of cooperation of the Feroe Islands, Jogvan vid Keldu also attended the opening.

The Nordic Marine Academy is a new Nordic Research School, which is meant to strengthen the Nordic research collaboration and the Nordic expertise within all sectors of marine environment. Together the Nordic Research Board and the Nordic Working Group for Fishery Research are granting 10 million NOK for five years.

The Nordic Marine Academy is administered from the University of Bergen. Professor in marine biology Arild Folkvord is the Director of the NMA. The Academy will grant funding to research courses, and it is possible to apply for funding already. Deadline for application is March 15.

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