Nordic Ministers for Research Met in Uppsala

Tuesday 29 April 2008 Sweden’s Minister for Higher Education and Research, Lars Leijonborg, hosted a Nordic research minister meeting in Uppsala, Sweden. The ministers discussed research and globalisation and increased autonomy for Nordic universities. On the agenda was also a presentation of NordForsk‘s activites.
 Nordic Ministers for Research Met in Uppsala
– I’m looking forward to discussing these issues with my Nordic colleagues, Lars Leijonborg says in a press release 28 April 2008. – Extensive reforms are carried out in Sweden at present. The national research proposition will be finished this autumn, and in December we’ll finish what we’ve called “The Independence Report” [Frihetsutredningen], a national report on increased autonomy for Swedish universities and university colleges. At the meeting I’ll inform my Nordic colleagues about the ongoing Swedish processes and learn from the experiences our Nordic neighbors have made in this field.

NordForsk‘s Chair, Kari Kveseth, and Director Liisa Hakamies-Blomqvist presented NordForsk‘s ongoing activities and the action plan for 2008. Both presentations were well received by the ministers.

Ministers from all the five Nordic countries will participate at the meeting, as well as representatives from the autonomous territories Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland.

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