Nordic ministers in united front against antibiotic resistance

Nordic ministers in united front against antibiotic resistance

The Nordic ministers for health and nutrition have joined forces in the fight against antibiotic resistance. This includes setting up a strategy group to bolster Nordic co-operation on antibiotic resistance at an international and interdisciplinary level.

Ministers for health and ministers for food and agriculture from the member countries of the Nordic Council of Ministers have agreed on a joint declaration to strengthen co-operation between the countries on antibiotic resistance and to establish a common voice externally, for instance in the EU.

“Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem that can give rise to major challenges in the healthcare service if we don’t tackle the issue effectively. Bacteria are oblivious to subject boundaries or national borders, which is why it makes perfect sense to deal with the problem as part of broad international co-operation,” explains Danish Minister for Health Sophie Løhde.

The Nordic countries want to establish a strategy group to promote the exchange of best practice and to ensure the efficient utilisation of Nordic resources within the field of resistance.

Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers Dagfinn Høybråten welcomed the cross-sectoral initiative:

“The Nordic countries are leading the fight against antibiotic resistance, and therefore this declaration is an important step on the road to solving a major international and interdisciplinary challenge. It is also a very concrete follow-up to Bo Könberg’s report on the development of Nordic co-operation on health,” he stressed.

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