Nordic Portals for Research Communication: Launched

On Monday 21 April the research portal was launched in Denmark, and with this launch, all of the Scandinavian countries established national, Internet-based, dedicated channels for the dissemination of research to a wide audience. In Finland, the portal operates according to a somewhat alternative profile. All of the portals have strong ties to the national research councils with respect to background and operation.
 Nordic Portals for Research Communication: Launched
Denmark‘s Minister of Science, Technology and Development, Helge Sander, expects there to be great interest in and consequently, a positive effect on both universities and the business sector. "We live in a time during which there is a lack of highly educated labour, and global competition is extremely tough. It is necessary to strengthen the educated community," he says.

The Danish is modelled after the Norwegian website,, which has great impact by way of both its large number of users (approximately 400,000 visits per month) and its agreements for delivery of material to other prominent media outlets in Norway, such as the newspaper Aftenposten. and are also negotiating an agreement for a reciprocal exchange of content between the two national channels.

The aim of is "to create better appreciation in the general population for the fact that research and development is a cornerstone of the educated community and is decisively vital to democracy, welfare, and culture. Furthermore, will increase attention to the research institutions and allow children and adolescents to experience the research world as an exciting educational and career environment. Finally, will contribute to building a bridge between researchers and established media outlets. A more active use of researchers and research results will increase the quality of the public debate...”

The Editor-in-Chief of is Vibeke Hjortlund. The editorial staff consists of 9 employees.

National channels for research dissemination in the Nordic countries
The sponsors of are the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation, the Danish Council for Strategic Research, the Danish Council for Independent Research, Denmark‘s Electronic Research Library, and the Danish Ministry of Culture. In addition, the portal already has several media partners and collaborative partners from universities and research institutes in Denmark.

In Sweden, was established in 2002 and is owned by FAS (Swedish Council for Labour and Social Research), Formas (the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning), the Swedish Research Council, and VINNOVA (the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems). In total, 10 authorities and foundations are behind the portal. The editorial staff is housed at the Swedish Research Council, and the Chief Editor is Agneta Ringaby. was established in 2002, initiated by the Research Council of Norway. The portal operates today as an organization with 42 members (research councils, universities and research institutes). Membership fees are the organization‘s main source of income, whereof the Research Council clearly makes the largest contribution. is an independent online newspaper covering Norwegian and international research news. The Managing Editor and General Manager is Nina Kristiansen.

The Finnish information service,, is comprised of statistics and other information regarding research and technology in Finland. The profile of the portal is less journalistic, but contains links to background information such as related websites, publications, documents, and databases. The service is produced as a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Education, the Academy of Finland, Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation), CSC (the Finnish IT-Centre for Science), Statistics Finland, the Finnish Science and Technology Council, and the Finnish universities.