Nordic Project Aids Policy Makers Interpreting R&D Statistics

R&D statistics are easily misinterpreted. Comparative analysis between different countries based on published R&D figures are particularly difficult to carry out, since differences in the countries’ industry structures and knowledge sectors complicate the comparison considerably. The Nordic Project NIND aims to enhance the competence level of Nordic policy makers in collecting, using and interpreting statistics relevant for research and innovation in the region. The project has published four reports so far.
 Nordic Project Aids Policy Makers Interpreting R&D Statistics
There is a lack of analysis from the Nordic point of view with respect to certain indicators on the knowledge economy such as innovation, intellectual property rights, R&D and human resources. The strengths and weaknesses of various indicators are not always explained clearly enough. NIND aims to provide Nordic policy makers with more guidance to choose the right indicators to address a specific issue.

Statisticians and innovation researchers from the five Nordic countries participate in the project, which is financed through partnership between the participants, Statistics Finland, Statistics Sweden, Statistics Denmark and Statistics Norway, VTT, IKED, NIFU STEP, Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy and RANNIS, and Nordic Innovation Centre.

Four project reports are available at present:

Nordic innovation indicators report final

Intellectual Property Rights as indicators for innovation

Comparison of R&D in the Nordic Countries

Guide for valuation of statistical indicators for R&D and innovation

The reports and more information about the project are also available at the NIND website.