Nordic R&D investments totals 240 billion NOK

Three of the five Nordic countries have reached the EU 2010 goal that national R&D expenses should constitute 3 % of GDP. Norway is still far from reaching the goal, while Denmark is closer but is slowing down its pace, according to the 2005 Nordic R&D statistics published by NIFU STEP.
The 2005 statistics on research and experimental development (R&D) shows that the total R&D expenditure in the Nordic countries amounted to 240 billion NOK in 2005; 46 % of which were Swedish R&D money. Finland’s share was 23 %, Denmark’s share was 18 % and Norwegian and Icelandic R&D money constituted 12 % and 1 % of the total 240 billion respectively.

Iceland, however, had the largest increase in R&D expenditure compared to the 2003 statistics: 23 %. Sweden hardly increased their R&D effort at all, while Finland had a 9,5 % increase, Norway 8,5 % and Denmark 5 % (preliminary figures).

The Scandinavian countries spent less of their GDP on R&D activities in 2005 compared to 2003, while Iceland and Finland maintain their 2003 level.

In proportion to population size, Norway’s R&D effort was low in 2005 compared to the other Nordic countries: 6 400 NOK per inhabitant. The corresponding figures for the other countries are: for Sweden 12 100 NOK, for Finland 10 400 NOK, for Iceland 10 000 NOK and for Denmark 8 000 NOK.

Download the Nordic R&D statistics for 2003 and 2005 here.