Nordic region on schedule in the Bologna process

According to the 2007 stocktaking on the Bologna process, the Nordic countries perform well. The score cards show high scores on most indicators concerning the introduction of key actions in the reform process. Future challenges for the Nordic countries include internationalisation and collaboration.
The stock taking evaluates the status of 12 key indicators for each country, using a 5-step ranking system: Five points (dark green code) is the highest score and indicates satisfactory implementation of a given action. The scorecards of the Nordic countries are mainly green and show good progress in the Bologna Process. Norway is “in the lead” with 11 dark green indicators out of 12, Iceland has the weakest score, with only seven five-point indicators. However, four of the remaining five indicators are light green (= four points). Iceland’s only three-point (yellow) score is on the indicator for level of international participation in quality assurance. Denmark, Finland and Sweden also score relatively low on this indicator.

The 2007 stocktaking shows that European progress towards achieving the Bologna process goals is generally good. However, progress is not uniform across all countries and all action lines. Future objectives for the Nordic countries should be the implementation of national qualifications frameworks, enhanced internationalisation and researcher- / student mobility as well as more collaboration between research and industry and between research and education.