Nordic Research Centre in South-Africa

In January 2007, a Nordic research centre - the Southern African–Nordic Centre (SANC) - opened at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) in Cape Town. – The new centre will enhance the bilateral collaboration between Nordic researchers and researchers from Southern Africa, says Director for Educational Affairs at The University of Bergen, Mette Myrmell Torrissen.
Four Nordic universities and four universities from Southern Africa are involved in the centre’s activities. From the Nordic countries, the universities in Bergen, Uppsala, Aarhus and Turku/Åbo take part, and from Africa the universities of Malwai, Namibia and Zambia are involved, in addition to UWC. – Several other universities have expressed interest as well, and we expect more universities to take part gradually, Torrissen says.

The two regions have established a valuable relationship through many years of fruitful collaboration. According to the Statutes, SANC shall ensure further development of this relationship. The Cape Town based collaboration will enable more long-term discussions about important issues like globalisation, brain-drain and development issues.

6.–8. December 2007, the first annual conference will be arranged in Cape Town, under the heading “Higher Education, Research and Development : Shifting Challenges and Opportunities”.