Nordic Research Co-operation – an Unexploited Strategic Resource

Research funding ought to be concentrated to a much greater extent on the best universities, says the internationally recognised gene scientist Leena Peltonen Palotie from Finland. In addition, she calls for better exploitation of Nordic co-operation.
 Nordic Research Co-operation – an Unexploited Strategic Resource
Distribution of grants according to some sort of equality principle is out-of-date, Peltonen Palotie says. "In the future, funding, through competitive procedures along the lines of the American model, should be concentrated on those with core competencies", said Peltonen Palotie at a seminar held in Helsinki on Thursday.

In addition, she calls for better utilisation of Nordic co-operation, which she describes as an almost unexploited strategic resource in today’s situation. NordForsk’s Director Liisa Hakamies-Blomqvist agrees: “Lena Peltonen Palotie represents the elite of Nordic top researchers and is also co-ordinating a Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE). She speaks from experience when she accentuates the importance of Nordic collaboration. Through the NCoE programme, large circles of young Nordic researchers benefit from her scientific knowledge and influence. I agree completely with Leena Peltonen Palotie, and wish that NordForsk could offer more research financing of this type.”

Leena Peltonen Palotie is the co-ordinator of the Nordic Centre of Excellence on Disease Genetics in Helsinki. She has been a professor in the US for several years and recently also took up a position as a professor in England.