Nordic Research Gems

The new NordForsk publication Nordic Research Gems presents a collection of success stories from Nordic research cooperation. More than 11 000 researchers are currently involved in research activities financed by NordForsk and they are producing some impressive results.
 Nordic Research Gems
In Nordic Research Gems you can read about:

• Previously unexplored marine proteins and fatty acids which can help improve your diet and consequently your health and resistance to diseases
• The effects of stress during pregnancy
• How a new interdisciplinary research field is emerging, combining studies of literature and law
• The dangers associated with toxic fungi found in our everyday cereals
• How leading the Nordic Centre of Excellence BACCI contributed to Professor Markku Kulmala being awarded the prestigious European Research Council’s Advanced Investigator Grant
• New discoveries regarding the three neurodegenerative diseases Huntingstons, Alzheimers and Parkinsons
• How meteorite craters can prove profitable
• … and more!

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