Nordic Research Improves Ecologic Milk

Researchers from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark are investigating the connections between the fodder that milk cows eat, and the quality of the milk they produce. The aim is to provide consumers with healthier eco milk.
 Nordic Research Improves Ecologic Milk
Previous research shows that cow milk contains several components that influence the nutritional value and potential health effect of dairy products and the biological components depend on the cows’ diet. Several of the natural components of cow milk are directly transferred from the forage.

“World markets for ecologic food products are growing, and it is important for us to enhance knowledge on how to manufacture top quality ecologic food,” the Danish Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Hans Chr. Schmidt, says. In the long term he believes this research collaboration will improve food quality and strengthen the competitiveness of the region.

The investigations will take place in Norway, Sweden and Finland: By having cows graze in fields with different types of forage, the researchers will test the effect the cows’ fodder intake has on milk quality and level of fatty acids. Researchers form Denmark will primarily be involved in the analyzing processes of fatty acids, phytoestrogens and vitamins. They will also investigate the effect the bioactive components have on normal cells and on cancer cells.