Nordic Research on Corporate Social Responsibility

An increasing number of enterprises motivate their activities not only based on profit opportunities, but also on ethical and social dimensions. Moreover, a joint Nordic study shows that these so called CSR-entrepreneurs are successful in a business perspective. Nordic researchers collaborate in a research project that looks into the drivers and success factors of these enterprises.
 Nordic Research on Corporate Social Responsibility
Susanne Sweet is Associate professor at Stockholm School of Economics and chair of SuRe (Responsibility Research Group). “We expected to find incompatibilities between social entrepreneurship and the ambition of running a profitable business”, she says to the Swedish paper Dagens Industri. “But the enterprises we interviewed didn’t even understand the question.”

SuRe conducts two Nordic research projects within this field at the moment: “Corporate Governance – a comparative study of Governmental CSR-strategies in the Nordic countries” and “CSR-innovation – a comparative study of CSR-entrepreneurs in the Nordic countries”.

The study on CSR entrepreneurs is carried out as a collaboration between economic university colleges in the Nordic region. Three small or medium sized CSR-enterprises in each country have been investigated. The research report, including the national case studies, will be published autumn 2008.


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