Nordic Response to Climate Change

The Nordic response to the challenges of climate change will be the main theme of the annual Session of the Nordic Council in Oslo, and of a seminar just before the Session starts on Tuesday 30 October. The event has been organised by NordForsk, the Nordic Innovation Centre, Nordic Energy Research, NEFCO, and the Nordic Investment Bank.
 Nordic Response to Climate Change
The seminar will be held on Tuesday 30 October, 12.30 – 14.30, in the Auditorium in Stortinget, the Norwegian parliament. The Norwegian oil and energy minister Åslaug Haga will deliver the opening address. Børge Ousland will speak about the North Pole in the winter. In 2006, he and Mike Horn became the first travellers to reach the North Pole in the dark season. Professor Eirik Schrøder Amundsen of the University of Copenhagen will take a more analytical look at the most effective ways of achieving the objectives laid down in climate and energy policy.

Professor Anders Lindroth of Lund University, the co-ordinator of the Nordic Centre of Excellence Global Change, will explain new strategies to limit CO2 emissions. Market Director Ragnar Eriksen of Green Business Norway will report on a Nordic project to supply environmental technology to a coal mine in Katowice, Poland.

The ‘Nobel Peace Prize winner‘ Eystein Jansen, who is Director of the Bjerknes Centre and one of the main authors of the UN‘s climate report will round off the list of speakers. He was one of the 20 researchers who co-ordinated the scientific research underpinning the UN climate report. The moderator will be Aslak Bonde, journalist and writer for AnalysNorden.

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