Nordic scientists win EURYI award

Two Finnish and one Norwegian researchers have won the prestigious EURYI award for young scientists. They will receive between € 1,000,000 and € 1,250,000 each over five years for their research.
The happy winners are the physicist Päivi Törmä and the botanist Yrjö Helariutta, both from Finland. Also the mathematician Snorre H. Christiansen from Norway won a first price.

Päivi Törmä, is a professor in nanoelectronics at the University of Jyväskylä. Her theoretical research concentrates on topical areas in quantum physics: laser-cooled ultra cold atomic gases, and has contributed significantly to the discovery of Fermi super fluids, among other things.

Yrjö Helariutta is Professor in botany at the University of Turku and his research group is stationed at the Institute of Biotechnology at the University of Helsinki. He is active in the field of plant biology and plant genomics. Helariutta‘s group studies how genes affect tree growth and differentiation at the molecular level.

Snorre H. Christiansen develops mathematics which makes it possible for computers to calculate physical systems. He makes tools for the simulation of geometric wave equations.

25 excellent young European researchers received the European Young Investigator Award in 2005. Competition has been intensive with 622 applications for this final call from researchers from 20 countries. The 2005 award winners will receive a diploma at a special ceremony at the beginning of the World Science Forum in Budapest 10-12 November 2005.

20 research councils in 16 European countries have arranged the EURYI scholarships. The first call for applications was in 2003.

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