Nordic Summer University 2008

Updated information about Nordic Summer University’s summer session 2008 is now available. The session will be held 20-27 July in Brandbjerg, Denmark.
 Nordic Summer University 2008
The NSU website currently features:
  • The academic programs of each study circle
  • Travel information
  • Extended registration deadline
  • Acceptance of new study circles
  • Book sale discounts
  • Deadline Newspaper no. 0
  • Award Winning Essays

Closing date for summer session registration is 1 June 2008.

NSU is an independent Nordic think tank for the development of new
research areas and emerging researchers. Participation in the university’s theme circles takes place across academic borderlines, primarily within the social sciences and the humanities. Most participants are research students, post-docs or university employees in the Nordic region.

Since 1950, NSU has actively supported the cultivation of new ideas and
growing research networks in the Nordic countries. Particular attention has
been paid to cross-disciplinary areas not yet targeted by larger research