Nordic Youth Council wants work life research

Nordic Youth Council wants NordForsk to focus on research within sickness absence and working environments. "The Nordic countries show great similarities in company structures and labour market conditions, and we should decide on common solutions," their final document after this year‘s session says.
Nordic Youth Council points to the Nordic objective of a best possible access to labour. In this regards they opt for more research: "It is important to strengthen the investments in work environments and other conditions that are important for the individuals‘ efforts and abilities. This can be done by investing in Nordic research cooperation in the field," the Nordic Youth Council concludes. The representatives want research that can contribute to a better work environment and new organisational and employment structures.

Nordic Youth Council holds its own annual session in connection with the Nordic Council Session in October/November. The participants represent the youth oganisations of the Nordic political parties and different Nordic political umbrella organisations.

Photo: Johannes Jansson/
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