Bolstering the role of Nordic eScience

Sverker Holmgren. Photo: T. Heiestad

Bolstering the role of Nordic eScience

The Nordic eScience globalisation initiative has now started. “We have good reason to expect outstanding results when the Nordic countries join forces to launch a large-scale collaboration in this area,” says Sverker Holmgren, NordForsk's new Programme Director for the initiative.

On 1 September 2011, Dr Sverker Holmgren assumed his new position as the Programme Director for the new eScience globalisation initiative, which will provide funding to interdisciplinary Nordic research projects and researcher training in the field of eScience. Holmgren completed his doctoral degree at Uppsala University in 1993.

“The job as programme director is very interesting for me personally because I get the chance to use my experience as a researcher and my extensive network of contacts in the Nordic region and internationally in a new way. I am also very pleased that the job allows me to continue as an active researcher,” says Dr Holmgren.

The Nordic national research councils, along with NordForsk and the Nordic Council of Ministers, have allocated a total of NOK 120 million over a four-year period. The funding will be a supplement to the ongoing national allocations.

“There are many Nordic projects, but there are not too many with a lot of money to distribute. This new initiative shows that policymakers in the Nordic region have come to understand the importance of eScience,” states a pleased Dr Holmgren.

The globalisation initiative will focus primarily on research in the areas of the environment and climate change as well as on health and the social preconditions for health. Research training will also be a key area of activity, and the development of software and other tools for use within eScience will be another crucial area. In addition, the initiative will be closely linked to important components of the research infrastructure in the field.

Through Nordic collaboration we can unite the Nordic expertise within the framework of the globalisation initiative. Up until now the Nordic countries have specialised in different areas, which largely complement each other.

"The initiative can help to bolster the international position of the Nordic regions in eScience even further,” says Dr Holmgren. “This is an area that is developing rapidly, so it is important to draw up a work programme and issue the first funding announcements as quickly as possible".

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Text: BR Media adapted to web by Lisa H. Ekli
Photo: Terje Heiestad