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News from Nordic science online

Anne Riiser. Photo: Terje Heiestad

"ScienceNordic will contribute to communicating Nordic research to Tora Aasland på lanseringen av 15.11.2011an international audience!" These are the words of Norway’s Minister of Research and Higher Education Tora Aasland, who officially opened the new website today.

Two Nordic science media, one Danish and one Norwegian, have joined forces to launch ScienceNordic, in collaboration with partners in Sweden, Finland and Iceland. NordForsk was the first organisation to contribute with funding, and NordForsk’s Head of Communications Anne Riiser presented Nordic strategies with references to the new site. "ScienceNordic is a good example of the existing need for information about Nordic research on the international arena. Using the English language allows us to reach a broader audience with our message!"

The international science press is dominated by news from Anglo-Nina Kristiansen på lanseringen av 15.11.2011American research institutions and periodicals – because they are published in English. But the scientific results created in the Nordic countries are just as strong and newsworthy. “This leaves a huge gap in the market for science news from the region, communicated to a broader audience in English. We intend to fill this gap,” says Vibeke Hjortlund, editor-in-chief at

“We will, naturally, focus our efforts on areas where Nordic researchers have their particular strengths. This includes areas such as green technology, climate and the environment, oil and offshore technology, biotechnology, gender equality and the welfare state and its economy, says Nina Kristiansen, editor-in-chief at

ScienceNordic will target the academic environment, the business community, international organisations and decision-makers with interests in scientific development, science journalists and members of the general public with a strong interest in science.

ScienceNordic will cover Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Åland.

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Photo 2: Norway's Minister of Research and Higher Education Tora Aasland. By Terje Heiestad.
Photo 3: Nina Kristiansen, editor-in-chief at By Terje Heiestad.