Nordic Council of Ministers is promoting Open Access

Nordic Council of Ministers is promoting Open Access

Knowledge generated under the Nordic Council of Ministers should be accessible to all. The goal is to enhance the knowledge base for political decision-making.

The secretariat for the Nordic Council of Ministers, NordForsk and six other NCM institutions have agreed to provide free access to all knowledge published under the umbrella of Nordic cooperation. Nordeana will be a modern and efficient publishing platform, publishing everything new from the Nordic Council of Minister.

Secretary General Dagfinn Høybråten says

- The Nordic Council of Ministers generates a vast amount of knowledge on many levels, from research and mapping studies to reports. Some of this knowledge is very scientific, some is more general, while some is of a more political nature.

This knowledge will now be accessible to all at no cost through Nordeana. Høybråten continues

- The purpose is to promote, at a very fundamental level, one of the foremost values of academia: that the knowledge we acquire should be openly available for use by others. It should be communicated so that others can build upon it. We are talking about optimal operationalisation of benefits, and Open Access is a means of achieving this.


Head of Publications at the secretariat for the Nordic Council of Ministers, Niels Stern, explains

- We are formulating an Open Access policy for all our publications. We are doing it in two steps: first, everything we publish ourselves will be available through open access. We expect to implement the policy in the spring of 2014. The second step will be a policy concerning the publications we have fully or partially funded, but which are published externally, for example in scientific journals. This step is more complicated because it involves many more stakeholders, but we consider it all the more important.


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Starting in 2014 the Nordic Council of Ministers will provide free access to knowledge produced via the secretariat and through the institutions of NordForsk, Nordic Innovation, the Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research (NORDICOM), the Nordic Centre for Spatial Development (Nordregio), the Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues, Nordic School of Public Health, and Nordic Energy Research. Other Nordic institutions have the opportunity to join in as well.

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