Nordunet3 - Call for proposals

The Nordunet3 programme is announcing a call for project proposals. Project consortia are invited to submit applications within the deadline 15 October 2005. Projects are expected to start in January 2006 and total annual funding for all will be € 1 million.
Nordunet3 is a joint program of the Joint Committee of the Nordic Natural Science Research Councils (NOS-N), NordForsk, the Nordic Council of Ministers, and NORDUnet A/S.

Nordunet3 is a four-year thematic Internet research program, sponsoring research into technologies crucial for the implementation and utilization of the next generation internet. Nordunet3 will sponsor a number of research projects and aims to strengthen collaboration in Nordic internet research and its international impact.

Nordunet3 is the third in a series of joint Nordic network research programmes and as such builds on a solid tradition of co-operation among the Nordic countries in the field of research networking.

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