NorFA supports 27 new research training courses

Last Thursday, NorFa‘s Board decided to fund 27 new research training courses in 2005 with a total of almost NOK 10 million, which is half the funding applied for.
At the top of the list came the natural sciences with seven courses, closely followed by the humanities with six. The social sciences and multidiciplinary science research courses came third with funding granted to five courses. This year, 42 per cent of all applications were successful, compared with 40 per cent last year and 54 per cent in 2002.

During the last five years, most successful applications have come from the natural sciences, while the humanities and the social sciences have come in second place. This year, the situation changed.

There was a marked increase in the number of applications from the natural sciences, whereas the number of applications from other fields remained stable.

Sixteen applications came from Sweden, Norway and Denmark, 14 from Finland. One application was received from the Faeroes, one from a Nordic institute and one from Lithuania. Funding was awarded to seven research courses with main applicants from Finland and Sweden, five with the main applicants from Denmark and Norway, one with the main applicants from the Faeroes and Lithuania and one Nordic organisation.

Of the applications, 14 per cent had a female main applicant. This year the percentage of successful female applicants was 50, while the percentage for male applicants was 40. Neither national background nor gender was taken into account during the evaluation of the applications.

In all 65 applications were received, two less than in the preceding year. All applications were considered by one of NorFa‘s scientific panels. This is the first time for some years that NorFa has used scientific panels to consider applications. One panel covered applications from the natural sciences, technology and medicine, another considered applications from the humanities and social science. In addition, a Nordic hearing group considered applications concerning agricultural and forestry research.
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