NorFA‘s 10th anniversary

A conference celebrating NorFA‘s 10th anniversary took place in Turku, Finland, 28-30 September 2001.
The 10th anniversary of NorFA was celebrated on 28-30 September in Turku, Finland. The events included a seminar at Åbo Akademi, dinner at Åbo Slott and visits to a number of institutions.

The theme of ethics in research was prepared in close cooperation with a group of experts. Ethics is becoming an increasingly important part of researchers‘ work. It is important that the Nordic countries consider common solutions and actions in a global perspective. The four speakers excellently communicated their views to the nearly 100 participants, representing the different fields of research as well as research politics.

Mirja Saari‘s speech (Swedish).
Report in Swedish.
Hedvig Buene‘s poem (Norwegian).
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