Norway: Djupedal new Minister of Knowledge

Øystein Djupedal from the The Socialist Left Party is Minister of Knowledge in Norway’s new red-green coalition government. The newly established Ministry of Knowledge will be responsible for policy on kindergartens and schools, as well as higher education and research.
The Stoltenberg-Government, which is an historic coalition between the Labour Party, the Centre Party and the Socialist Left Party, intends to increase funding for research. This is specified in their platform document – the Soria Moria Declaration – which was presented last week.

The Declaration outlines five main goals for research policy:
  • Increase funding of research and development to 3 % of GDP
  • Concentrate on research in areas where Norway already is ahead and where there is a potential for economic growth
  • Increase investment in basic research
  • Strengthen the recruitment of new scientists and increase the international exchange of scientists
  • Prepare for more industry research and strengthen science communication
Øystein Djupedal has previously been a MP and spokesman on finance issues for the Socialist Left Party. This is the first time this party is part of a government.

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