Norway signs European charter for researcher mobility

As the first Nordic research agency The Research Council of Norway has signed the European charter for researcher mobility. The agreement will make it easier for European countries to recruit researchers from all over Europe.
During the conference Investing in Research and Innovation,, The Research Council of Norway and its director general Arvid Hallén signed the European Charter for Researchers/Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. Ths implies following the EU Commission‘s principles on harmonising the regulations in order to help researchers carry out a cross-national career. Norway was the 14th country to sign the charter.

"The objective is to ensure good working conditions for reseachers across Europe and thereby make researcher careers more attractive and facilitate mobility between European countries. Norway already practices most of the recommendations of the charter and code of conduct, and by signing we support the process and encourage other countries to follow," says Arvid Hallén.

"Mobility is not and end in itself. It is a tool to enhance innovation, share knowledge and strengthen technology initiatives from the university sector. I hope that the other Nordic countries also will carry out a practice that makes it possible for them to sign the charter," said EU commissioner Janez Potocnik at the conference.
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