Norway wants foreign money and brains

In the action plan Invent in Norway the Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway recommend that Norwegian authorities attract more research investments and more intellectual capital from abroad. The action plan authors wants better marketing of Norway towards foreign companies.
Particularly Norwegian companies in research and development need foreign capital:
"Norwegian industry will never be competitive in industrial salaries or production costs. We need to compete in a different arena: quality, good ideas and innovation. We need to attract investments on this basis, said state secretary Karin Yrvin from the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

"The globalisation affects not only products and services, but also knowledge and research. The competitiveness of the industry depends more and more on the ability to attract investments internationally, said Roar Tobro, division director at Innovation Norway.

"Bigger foreign investments in R&D will be inportant in order to reach the goal of a total of 3 percent of GDP to research, thinks Karin Yrvin.

The action plan was handed over to the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Research Council of Norway.
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