Norwegian budget proposal for more doctoral posts

The Norwegian government proposes to fund 100 new doctoral posts from and including the autumn 2005. This was one of the items in the budget proposal presented on 6 October by the Bondevik government.
It is proposed to allocate about NOK 86 million to 100 new doctoral posts from and including the autumn 2005 and for the 200 doctoral posts established in the autumn 2004. The highest priority of the Ministry of Education was otherwise to implement the Quality Reform, a comprehensive reorganisation of higher education.

Of the 100 doctoral posts, 64 will go to the universities, four to specialised university institutions, 20 to university colleges, four to private colleges, two to the University Centre on Svalbard and one to the grant programme for artistic development work.

The Norwegian government proposes to allocate a total of NOK 14.2 billion to research and development in 2005, with priority being given to petroleum research and international research cooperation. Funding of national co-financing of research projects within the EU’s sixth framework programme is proposed increased by NOK 50 million to about NOK 100 million. Cooperation with research institutes in the USA and Canada is proposed to be increased, along with Norway’s contribution to international agricultural research. The government also proposes to increase the capital in the Fund for research and innovation by NOK 3.2 billion to NOK 36 billion. The yield of the fund, NOK 14-150 million in 2006, will contribute to securing long-term financing of research.

For more information, reference is made to the Norwegian government‘s website.
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