Norwegian-Iranian research articles refused in USA

Two research articles from the geoscience environment in Bergen were approved for publishing in a prestigious American journal. Then they discovered that some of the authors were Iranian.
The American journal refused to publish the articles because of the Iranian connections. "This is a serious intervention in academic freedom", says rector of the University of Bergen, Sigmund Grønmo. He has discussed the matter with American authorities, report the National Committees for Research Ethics in Norway.

Supposedly the American anti-terror legislation prevents the articles from being published. One of the articles was written by four authors, of which three Iranians. One of the Iranians has a Norwegian supervisor for his doctoral thesis, but the database of the article was provided by the Iranian state oil company, where he works. The other article is also based on Iranian data, but both authors represent the Department of Earth Science in Bergen. Both articles were of high quality, according to a referee group used by the journal. The juridical advisor of the journal, however, though it against American legislation to publish research by persons in connection with Iranian authorities.

The rector of the University of Bergen, Sigmund Grønmo, has discussed the case with the American ministry of education, the association of American universities and National Science Foundation, who will go further with the matter in USA.
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