Norwegian Minister of Research boosts NordForsk

Norway has the presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers during 2006. The Norwegian Minister of Research, Øystein Djupedal, wants the Nordic countries to be a leading and attractive region for research and underlines that NordForsk is one of the main tools to do so.
”It is an important task for the Norwegian presidency to ensure that NordForsk contributes to fulfil the vision of the Nordic region as leading and attractive for research. It is crucial that the national bodies for research funding support the work of NordForsk to ensure that this new organisation will be able to work according to its intention, Djupedal says to

”By the establishing of NordForsk, the national bodies for research funding are connected in a new way. But the success of NordForsk depends on the active contribution of the Nordic research councils. They have to use the possibilities of Nordic research cooperation.

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