Norwegian researchers aim for excellence

The Research Council of Norway has received 98 applications for new centres of excellence. The applications are currently being evaluated and the results of this first round will be presented later this spring.
The Research Council says they will be ready for the next round of evaluations in April or May 2006.
-Each of the 98 applications are currently being evaluated by three foreign experts. Then a scientific committee will go through the applications and the experts‘ comments, explains Gro E. M. Helgesen, project manager for the establishment of the new centres.

The Research Council plans that the final decision on the actual establishment of the centres will be ready by the end of 2006 or beginning of 2007. The new centres of excellence will receive funding from the Research Council until 2017.

This is the distribution of the applications according to scientific field:

Science and mathematics: 38 (14 of those within biology-related subjects)
Social science: 24
Medicine and health: 19 (hvorav 4 innenfor psykologi)
The Humanities: 8
Technology: 8
Agriculture and fisheries: 1
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