Norwegian researchers think Norway is anti-intellectual

A new survey shows that a majority of Norwegian researchers and scientific personnel thinks that Norway is an anti-intellectual country.
A new survey conducted by the group that evaluates the quality reform for higher education shows that 58,4 percent og researchers and scientific personnel at Norwegian universitites and colleges agree to that there are strong elements of anti-intellecualism in the country. The survey is presented in magazine Forskerforum 1/2006.

-It is not surprising that so many find that Norway has strong elements of anti-intellectualism. Compared to other European countries the value of intellectual capital is regarded to be low in Norway, states Johs Hjellbrekke, assistant professor of sociology at the University of Bergen and representative of Rokkansenteret, which is partly reponsible for evaluating the quality reform.
-If we take the quality reform as an example, it seems that very many academics see the reform as something that other sectors have pushed on them. One of the manifestations conducted by some of the professors can be seen as a protest against parts of the principles of the quality reform, says the sociologist.

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