Norwegians and Swedes win Descartes Award

The Swedish Research Council and the Research Council of Norway have supported projects that were awarded the EU Commission Descartes Prize.
The Swedish Research Council supports the project ESS (European Social Survey), the first ever social science project to win the Descartes Prize. The award is highly prestigious and the award amount is 200 000 Euro. The Swedish participation is headed by professor of sociology at Umeå university, Stefan Svallfors.

Two Norwegians were also among the winners: Ola M. Johannesen og Bjørn Henrichsen share the award of one million Euro with three other European researchers. The Research Council of Norway has supported these projects.

The Descartes Prize is and activity within the EU Commission‘s 6th Framework Programme.

The Descartes award is an activity within the EU Commission‘s sixth framework programme.

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